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Tax Investigations 
Let Evans & Co Accountants help and take the stress and strain out of dealing with tax investigation matters. Our friendly, professional staff will be only to happy to help. 
Tax investigations are very stressful, we endeavour to reassure our clients to put them at ease by dealing with the technical side of things for them. 
Tax Investigations can be raised into Company or Personal Tax, National Insurance or VAT affairs. These can be questions about a particular aspect(s) of your tax affairs which may include PAYE or it can be a general enquiry into all of your finances. These Investigations can arise for a wide variety of reasons, sometimes due to missing or incorrect information in the accounts that have been presented and leading the Tax Inspector to require more information. However, HMRC have stated that they will also randomly select businesses/individuals for an investigation. 
By being represented, you are more likely to be able to argue your case, with the full understanding and backing of existing tax legislation and case law, thus obtaining a better outcome. 
At Evans & Co Accountants we have great experience in this area and we can handle enquires into all areas of taxation. Due to our high standard of on going training you can have total trust in us that we will endeavour to fight any case against you . ( Refer to Test Case Win below) 
Using experts who are experienced in this field, will mean your enquiry will progress much more quickly, saving you valuable time and resources. 
Evans and Co currently have no Clients under any investigations. 
If you have any questions or enquiries dont hesitate to call us. 
Tel: 01271 343477 
If there is an investigation, as part of our service we will discuss various tactics and options which are available to you in preparation of an enquiry. We will always look at cost implications and endeavour to uphold our clients interest through out the entire process. We will update them with regular reports through out the process and provide a prognosis of the outcome. 
Test Case Win 
Evans & Co Accountants, previously took Customs and Excise to a tribunal in Bristol over an unfair decision against one of their clients, and secured a successfull outcome / defence.This "case" has since become a "Test Case" in England and Wales. 
Evans & Co Accountants .... Helping Businesses say .... "Thank Evans For That" 
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